Worth the Read: March 11, 2016

It’s time for another edition of “Worth the Read”, where I recap 5 of my favorite social media articles from the previous week. Here’s what’s worth the read for the week ended March 11, 2016:


LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner: Studio 1.0

by Emily Chang via Bloomberg Business
If you know me, you know that LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner is someone that I have respected and admired tremendously ever since we met back in 2012. Following LinkedIn’s stock drop, Jeff sat down with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang and gave an amazing interview about LinkedIn, Silicon Valley, Yahoo, and compassionate management. This is a must-watch with one of the most highly regarded CEOs in the world.


7 Facebook Ads Hacks for Cheaper Clicks

by Paul Ramondo via Social Media Today
This is a very comprehensive guide to using split testing, website custom audiences, and retargeting into an ad campaign (or multiple campaigns) that minimize waste and optimize engagement. Paul gives great examples of each step in his process and breaks down the similarities and differences of each.


How To Avoid 10 Social Media Strategy Missteps

by Mark Simmons via Business 2 Community
There are a myriad of “social media blunder” articles published every single week. Some I agree with, some I don’t, but this one struck me as particularly accurate. Know your brand and your brand voice, don’t take on too many platforms, always be measuring and analyzing, listen to your customers. These, and many of the other points in the list, are important strategic lessons that I find myself repeating often and are even included in my book.


4 Ways to Amplify Your Content Marketing Efforts

by Gregg Schwartz via Social Media Today
Generating content is difficult. It’s the area of social media that most brands, especially small businesses, struggle with the most often. In an environment that demands constant content generation and frequent updates, being able to get the most out of every single piece of content that you create is one of the easiest ways to help drive your social media marketing efforts forward without being burdened by having to create an infinite number of different pieces of content.


Vertical Content Is On The Rise To Attract Millennials

by Tai Tran via LinkedIn
Earlier this week, I conducted a Twitter experiment (with limited success) concerning whether live video or Snapchat would be a bigger marketing trend in 2016. Regardless of which it is, Tai provides a unique perspective on why vertical content channels, which include both Snapchat and live video app Periscope, are attracting more millenials by consuming the entire screen on their smart phones. It’s an interesting take and a harbinger of things to come in the mobile marketing world.

Those are my five picks for this week. What articles did you find that you thought were worth the read? Comment below or tweet at me @echasser. Thanks for reading!

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