Worth the Read: February 26, 2016

It’s time for another edition of “Worth the Read”, where I recap 5 of my favorite social media articles from the previous week. Here’s what’s worth the read for the week ended February 26, 2016:

Top 12 Things I Learned at TED 2016

by Bill Gross via LinkedIn
It’s unfortunate that, as much as we’d all like to be, we can’t be at every single TED conference around the world. Most of us will probably never even get to attend one. Bill does a great job of breaking down his highlights from TED 2016 in Vancouver including everything from human genome sequencing to the sharing economy to how Stephen Wilkes takes amazing photos of entire days and turns them into works of art like this one.


Auto-Engagements Aren’t Fooling Anybody

by Ezra Chasser via Social Media Today
I had noticed lately that a troubling number of social media users have been relying on automation to drive their social media engagement, like LinkedIn’s “Say Congrats” feature, or auto-thanking new followers. I was happy that the good people at Social Media Today published my thoughts on the topic, as convoluted and difficult as they might be to understand: Stop doing it.


Yes, Even CEOs Need To Use Social Media—And They Need To Do It Well

by Ryan Holmes via Fast Company
I have long been a fan of Hootsuite and its CEO, Ryan Holmes, is a social media mind that is one of my favorite thought leaders to follow. The case here is quite simple, but so often overlooked: No matter the size of your company, even a Fortune 500 company, your CEO needs to have a strong social media presence. From building trust in the brand to engaging with customers, the opportunities are endless for a CEO with a strong sense of the power of social media.


JetBlue Gave 150 Strangers Free Tickets — But There Was A HUGE Catch

by Ally Hickson via Refinery29
A great social media campaign can take current events, sprinkle in a brand message, excite an audience, and create a huge amount of buzz in return. JetBlue’s new “Reach Across the Aisle” campaign does exactly that, by combining 150 unsuspecting passengers with a Senate that can’t agree on anything and turning it into a video that’s been covered by Fortune, AdWeek, NBC, and more.


Reactions: Not everything in life is Likable

by Geoff Teehan via Medium
It’s not uncommon for huge companies (especially huge tech companies) to make large scale changes to their user experience or interface. It’s rare, however, that we the public get an inside look at the research and thought process behind developing these overhauls. Facebook’s Product Design Director Geoff Teehan gives a rare inside look at what went in to developing Facebook’s new Reactions, detailing everything from user data, to design drafts, to iterations behind how the icons would be displayed.

Those are my five picks for this week. What articles did you find that you thought were worth the read? Comment below or tweet at me @echasser. Thanks for reading!

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