Worth the Read: February 19, 2016

Here’s this week’s edition of “Worth the Read”, where I recap 5 of my favorite social media articles from the previous week. Here’s what’s worth the read for the week ended February 19, 2016:


10 Rules for Creating Content People Can Trust

by Copyblogger via SlideShare
Does your content build trust with the audience? This slide deck is quick to read but makes some hard-hitting point about questioning everything (including your own assumptions), using clear language, and providing context for your arguments on the way to building trust with your audience and with your content.


A Message to Our Customers

by Tim Cook via Apple
According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, “the United States government has demanded that Apple take an unprecedented step which threatens the security of [its] customers.” As part of the investigation into the terrorist attacks in San Bernadino last December, the FBI has asked the developers at Apple to help them circumvent the iPhone’s security in order to crack into a terrorist’s phone and gain additional information. As Cook lays it out, Apple stands firmly with user privacy and security and has refused to create this “backdoor”, not because they are trying to interfere with the FBI’s investigation, but because of the implications that creating this backdoor could have for hackers and iPhone users worldwide.


20 Reasons I Probably Hate You On LinkedIn

by Ori Carmel via LinkedIn
If you are an avid user of LinkedIn, you are probably sick and tired of seeing some of the same behaviors and buzzwords over and over again. For example, last month, I wrote about salesmen who hit you with a pitch 5 minutes after you connect with them. Ori captures this frustration and so much more in the most “funny because it’s true” post I’ve read in a long time.


Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2016

by Irfan Ahmad via Social Media Today
At the beginning and end of each year, conversations always turns to what the next big “it” thing will me. What will be the top trends of the coming year? This infographic captures it well with mobile-centric predictions that not only make sense, but provide readers with a roadmap for making sure that their marketing stays “on trend” in 2016.


Snapchat for Business: How It Works, Why You Need It & How to Build a Following [Infographic]

by Lindsay Kolowich via Hubspot Marketing Blog
Don’t be surprised if you start seeing a lot of Snapchat ads pop up in my next few Worth the Read segments. As the fastest-growing social media channel, it’s also going to be one of the most important to keep up with, as it rolls out to more and more businesses and continues to amass millions of users (specifically the highly sought after millenials). This infographic breaks down the who, what, where, how, and why of your business’ impending Snapchat presence. Don’t pass it up.

Those are my five picks for this week. What articles did you find that you thought were worth the read? Comment below or tweet at me @echasser. Thanks for reading!

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