Worth the Read: February 12, 2016

Welcome to the first installment of “Worth the Read”, where I’ll be recapping 5 of my favorite social media articles from the previous week. Here’s what’s worth the read for the week ended February 12, 2016:


5 Ways Social media Helps Brands Personalize Their Marketing

by Tukan Das via Business 2 Community
This article is a great reminder to keep your audience in mind with every marketing effort and the best ways to identify and engage those members. Analyze your data, scale your personalization efforts, and create personas to make sure that you’re directly addressing the needs of each of your buyers.


33 Free Social Media Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

by Genia Stevens via Social Media Today
From headline analyzers, to content tools, image editors, and more, this exhaustive list is a great reference tool for small business owners and marketers who are looking for free ways to improve their content marketing and streamline their content generation. I certainly wouldn’t recommend trying to use all of these tools at the same time, but experiment and test to see which one fits your style the best, and keep the rest in your back pocket just in case.


The Best 5 Minutes We Spend on Ads

by Kevan Lee via Buffer
I generally don’t condone boosting posts on Facebook or promoting tweets on Twitter, because the targeting and messaging tools (like Facebook Power Editor) are so powerful and precise that there are definitely more efficient ways to spend your advertising budget. But the premise here is very simple and the point is an important one: Keep an eye on what pieces of content are generating the most engagements with the fewest impressions and then key in on what makes them so successful.


Here’s how to turn Twitter’s new timeline on and off

by Stan Schroeder via Mashable
This week, much to the chagrin of Twitter power users worldwide, Twitter rolled out their algorithmic Timeline. The “Show me the best tweets first” feature displays tweets in a manner more similar to Facebook, rather than the anything-and-everything-in-reverse-chronological-order that Twitter had previously been founded on. It will be interesting to see if this change helps improve Twitter’s struggling adoption and retention rates among a wider audience.


The State of the Mobile Experience: How People Use Their Phones Today [Infographic]

by Amber Tiffany via Hubspot Marketing Blog
This infographic details just how attached we, as a society, are to our mobile phones, including that 58% of the American population consider themselves “addicted”. But it also proves a more interesting, and often overlooked, point. While texting, emailing, tweeting, and swiping are all the rage, a phone call continues to be the most important and effective means of building a relationship and delivering quality service.

Those are my five picks for this week. What articles did you find that you thought were worth the read? Comment below or tweet at me @echasser. Thanks for reading!

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