The Super Cost of a Super Bowl Commercial

This year, a 30-second Super Bowl commercial will cost advertisers a record $4.5 million. I’ve often made the comparison that traditional advertising is the Goliath to pay-per-click’s David, but the contrast is growing increasingly stark as the cost of TV spots goes up (not to mention casting, production cost, etc.) and the capabilities of PPC targeting get even more focused. Let’s have a look at what $4.5 million, the cost of just 30 seconds of Super Bowl air time, can buy you online:

Here are some quick highlights based on these numbers:

Facebook: 7 million clicks translates to almost one out of every ten people who watch the Super Bowl clicking on one of your ads. That’s a very active engagement compared to passively viewing your commercial while standing around the chips and salsa.

Instagram: Let’s assume you have a target audience as large as 30 million people, pretty much every American between the ages of 18 and 24. You would be able to reach this Instagram-heavy demographic every day for the entire month of February with the cost of your single commercial.

YouTube: 2.25 billion impressions is the equivalent of having every single person who watches the Super Bowl see your ad 20 times.

With all of the tools available to reach the right audience with the right message online and be able to track and monitor engagements, why do you think companies insist on paying top dollar for a Super Bowl commercial? Do you see the trend changing any time soon?

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