Opportunity Cost of Superbowl Ads

This year, a 30-second Superbowl ad will cost advertisers a record $4M. Excluding the production cost of a TV commercial, and the hyper-focused targeting that online advertising provides, that investment could still go a lot further online. Have a look:


3 Quick Notes

Facebook/Google– That equates to roughly 1 out of every 10 Superbowl watchers CLICKING your advertisement. That’s a very active engagement compared to watching a commercial.

Twitter– Let’s assume your target audience is 50 million people, or roughly 1 in 6 Americans. You could still reach every member of your audience with a Promoted Tweet every day for almost the entire month of February with the cost of one 30-second spot.

YouTube– This is equivalent to having every person who watches the Superbowl see your ad 20x. Either that, or reaching every single person in the world who has internet one time.

What do you think about the money companies invest in Superbowl ads?



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