Depends on What Your Goals Are

I must answer questions with these 6 words more than any other answer I give clients and prospects.setting goals

It’s amazing to me that an idea so simple is so often overlooked when small businesses are putting together social media strategies and online marketing campaigns in general. There are a wide variety of goals you could want to achieve, you could even be trying to achieve them at the same time– but you should single one out for each campaign. Examples of goals could be:

– Increase brand awareness
– Attract new followers
– Engage with your community
– Drive website traffic
– Foster event registrations

These goals can totally change the way that you approach your campaign. For example:

Facebook Ads– If you read this blog regularly, you know I’m a huge fan of Facebook Ads. Let’s say your goal in a campaign is to increase the number of people attending an event. If that’s the case, why run an ad that leads to your Facebook page? You’re only creating extra steps for people to go through before reaching their final destination; send them right to the registration page. Similarly, if you’re trying to grow your community, then don’t direct traffic to your website. Understand that a “Like” or a “Follow” is a very active decision to oneself up to your content; if you manage this relationship properly, the user will eventually get to your website.

Social campaign– Let’s say you’re not doing any advertising, just some good old social media marketing. If you’re trying to increase brand awareness, you might post a photo that people will be compelled to share, even if it lacks your branding or any of your company’s messaging. Just the fact that the photo is yours and is being shared can help put your brand’s logo and name in front of tens (or hundreds) of thousands of users. Conversely, if you are trying to gain followers or grow your house file, then post a message that is heavily branded and offers an incentive for completing the desired action.

Before you start your next social campaign, ask yourself what your goals are, and make sure that the actions that you take specifically reflect a means of achieving that goal.

How do you set and achieve goals in your online marketing campaigns?

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