Set It, but Don’t Forget It: Part 2

Recently two great (and relatively similar) products have  been developed that warranted a brief write-up as a follow-up to my original post about scheduling your messages ahead of time.

Buffer + Tweriod

I have referenced Buffer in previous posts and it has quickly become one of my favorite and most-frequently used tools. What makes it so great, you ask? Three great components:BufferApp

  • You can preset your tweet schedule and automatically add posts to that queue so that you spend more time generating content and less time worrying about sticking to a schedule or which posts come first or second; you can also easily manage your queue after you’ve added messages to it.
  • A FANTASTIC Chrome, Firefox, and Google Reader (<– best part) integration allow you to turn any webpage or article into a tweet and add it to your Buffer without ever leaving the page.
  • Insightful real-time analytics allow you to keep track of links, clicks, and responses to each of your individual messages.

Recently, I discovered the Tweriod app, which is an add-on to Buffer. Tweriod analyzes the effectiveness of your various tweets, as well as the times when your followers are most active on Twitter, and generates for you a schedule of the optimal times that you should be tweeting. It then allows you to import this schedule directly into Buffer so that you can start queueing your messages according to the Tweriod results. Very fast and simple to utilize, but also extremely effective.

Hootsuite + Hootlet

In the original Set it, but Don’t Forget It post, I mentioned that Hootsuite is a great way to manage your various profiles and schedule your messages. Spurred on by the popularity of Buffer and Tweriod, HootletHootsuite recently announced a new add on to their tool called Hootlet. The idea is basically the same, you can either choose your own schedule and add tweets to that queue, or you can use Hootlet’s new AutoSchedule feature, which will optimize your tweets schedule based on the activity of you and your followers. There is one big pro and one big con to Hootlet vs. Buffer:

  • Pro: Hootsuite’s community management platform is much more robust and makes for easier maintenance of multiple accounts (after all, that is what they do).
  • Con: I live and die by my Google Reader and the Buffer button on each of those articles just makes my life so much easier.

For this reason, I personally use a combination of the two. I still send out all of my tweets using Buffer and Tweriod, but I also monitor activity and engagement using Hootsuite.


And there you have it! Two even easier ways to set it, but not forget it. And remember that the most important part of your scheduling strategy should be to check back frequently and make sure that you’re replying to readers and engaging with your followers. Social media is still a two-way street.

Thanks for reading!




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  • John

    Are Hootsuite’s analytics as robust as Tweriod’s? They don’t really give any details of what they analyse.

    • Ezra

      Hi John,
      Thanks for the question. I’m not sure specifically which analytics you’re referring to. If you mean how the optimal schedule is determined, I agree that Tweriod is much more direct in describing how they arrive at their conclusion and also telling you exactly what that conclusion is (with Hootlet, I find it’s more of a “Trust us, we’ll get this out at the right time.”). On the whole, however, Hootsuite’s free analytics are much more comprehensive as far as who is clicking your links, where they’re coming from, what time, and what your engagement rate is like.

      Personally, I have been enjoying the Buffer/Tweriod combo more than the Hootlet and have been using that one far more.

      Thanks for reading,


  • Alyssa Aldersley

    Hey Ezra.

    Really great post! Awesome to hear you’re making the most of our integrations with both Tweriod and Google Reader!

    If I can ever help with anything, or if you have any questions about Buffer, just let me know! 🙂