Everyone Loves an Infographic… or 5

Let’s be honest. Everyone loves infographics because they’re pretty to look at, concise, full of great information, and best of all- they don’t require all that much reading.  Here are 5 of my favorite social media resources, all in the form of infographics.

Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet (AllTwitter)– This one was just published this week but is an absolute gem for anybody who works in design or strategy on any social media site. It lays out all of the essential image sizes for every aspect of Facebook,  Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

Facebook Marketing Strategies (SocialMediaOnlineClasses.com)- Ever feel like you’re running out of content ideas? Are your ads underperforming and you don’t know how to give them a jumpstart? This infographic (pictured right) has 64 great ideas for everything from gaining fans to making your content more shareable. Definitely worth your bookmark.

Understanding Facebook’s EdgeRank (originally from Silicone Republic)- As a brand, your Facebook posts are only being seen by an average of about 17% of your fans. EdgeRank is an algorithm that decides which content is more valuable and should get priority on the very limited space on a user’s news feed. **Note: The outlet that originally published this graphic has since taken it down, so I had to find it elsewhere.

12 Things to Do After You’ve Written a New Blog Post (Rachel Strella) – So you just put all of these great ideas down and published them to your website— now what? This graphic offers 12 quick and easy ideas to make sure that your new post (and your website in general) is maximizing its visibility and its traffic.

How Does Klout Work? (All Twitter again) –  While I, personally, am not totally sold on Klout or its effectiveness just yet, it has become an undeniable part of measuring social media influence and effectiveness. This graphic does a great job explaining what Klout is, how it works, and how to get your score up. I also recommend sending this to anybody who asks about Klout because it’s easier than trying to explain it in your own words.


What are some of your favorite social media infographics or best resources? I’m always looking for new sources of information so please share what you’ve got.

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