Leveraging Blogging Without a Blog

So your small business has a Facebook page and a Twitter handle and a bunch of boards on Pinterest and now you ask yourself— what next? With all of the buzz about blogging, you know that is the next frontier for you, but you really don’t want to start a blog for your small business. This could be for any number of reasons whether it’s too much pressure to maintain it, you don’t feel you have enough content to fill a blog, or you don’t consider yourself to be the best writer. No matter what the reason, there are still plenty of ways to leverage the wide world of blogging to benefit your small business without having a blog yourself.

Comment on posts – Find a handful of blogs with decent readerships whose subject matter is related to your product or service. Leave comments regarding the posts, give your opinion, ask questions, and interact with the author and also the other commenters. While it’s okay to promote your product once in a while, be sure that it’s relevant, and that you don’t sound like you’re only there to sell; this will turn people off and might even get your comments marked as spam.

Pitch story or topic ideas- Bloggers, much like journalists, are under constant pressure to continue to produce content that their readers will enjoy. If you have a great new product or a unique service, try reaching out to a few bloggers to see if they’d be interested in writing about you. You will get plenty of exposure to their readership and they will get an exciting topic for their next column. Everybody wins!

Write a guest post– Similar to pitching an idea, guest posting also capitalizes on the busy schedule and pressures of well-established bloggers and their readership. If you have an idea for a post and nowhere to post it, share it with a blogger and ask if you can write a column on their blog as a”guest author”. You can show off your knowledge and promote your service, you gain access to an already loyal readership without needing to grow your own, and you give the blog’s owner a week (or at least a few days) off from having to produce some new content.

Remember the goal – All of your effort will be for nothing if you don’t keep the goal in mind: drive traffic. It doesn’t necessarily have to be to your website (although that should be the finish line), but it should always be somewhere. Invite them to like your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter, or visit a certain page of your website. Make sure that you have these links displayed in your signature when you comment and in your bio when you guest post. You may be the best at engaging and impressing people on comment boards, but if you’re not asking yourself “Where do I want these people to go from here and how do I get them there?”, then your expertise and your time are just being wasted.

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