Infographic Analysis: Social Media User Activity

Recently, I found this infographic (pictured below) of social media users and found it unbelievaby telling for a number of reasons. Here are some of my key takeaways:

– As I mentioned in last week’s post about Google+, their usership is third among the five, but their monthly visits are in last place by quite a margin. Their monthly visits are even well behind Pinterest whose total membership is less than 10% of that of G+.

– As a business, I would use the “monthly visitors” rank as a priority order when mapping your social media strategy. Some of these channels might not be for everyone, but for a business owner who insists on being everywhere, start with Facebook, move to Twitter, then start pinning photos on Pinterest, and so on.

– The reason why Facebook and Pinterest’s average users spend such an incredible amount of time on their site is because their content is driven by photos and video. Remember this and use it when you are posting statuses and pinning things! Users aren’t spending over 6 hours clicking links and reading statuses: they are flipping through photos and watching videos. (Not to be a broken record, but G+ also offers photo and video and their users spend fewer than 5 minutes on the site per month.)

– If your company’s product targets a certain age demographic, pay attention to the average age of the users on various sites. For example, you may not be surprised to learn that fewer than 1% of LinkedIn’s users are between 13 and 17; but did you know 11% of Pinterest’s base is made up of people 55 and over? This is useful information for targeting different age groups on different channels.

What else did you learn from the information below?

User Activity Comparison Of Popular Social Networking Sites
Infographic by Web Design Company

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